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The "Tonk Sándor" Library of the Sapientia - Hungarian University of Transylvania, Faculty of Kolozsvár received its name from Professor Sándor Tonk (1947-2003), historian and former rector of the university. In present, the library holds approximately 20.000 items, located in the university building on Calea Turzii Street and acts as a specialized information and documentation facility in service of the four specializations at the Faculty of Cluj. In the field of legal sciences, the library holds important collections of monographic publications (in Romanian, Hungarian and widely spoken languages), as well as collections of journals and periodicals covering the most important fields of legal research. Great efforts are made to ensure that current acquisition covers the most important and relevant documents in the field of law and legal studies, in benefit of students and researchers.

Items can be borrowed or consulted in the reading area of the library (a part of the library collections is organized thematically in the open-shelf reading area, while a greater part is delivered to patrons from closed stacks). The reading area seats up to 40 people and also offers 5 desktop computers where patrons can access EBSCO database and the EISZ portal.

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Opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday 8:00-20:00
  • During the summer vacation: 8:00-16:00


Calea Turzii nr. 4
RO-400193 Cluj-napoca
Tel: +40-372-788-890
Fax: +40-364-410-069


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  • Adél Dávid -
The Legal Research Library "Bálint Kolosváry" (Emil Racovita street 30) is a subsidiary of the faculty library. Its collections include prints published before 1989 and books and legal journals from abroad. The purpose of this library is to support scientific research activities.


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