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Multilingualism and Law

Where: Sapientia University, Tordai Street no 4, room B301.

When: 30th September 2016.

29th September 2016, Thursday

Arrival of Participants

17,00 Transfer to Rimetea/Torockó

19,00 Welcome Dinner - Rimetea/Torockó

22,00 Transfer to Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár

30th September 2016, Friday

09,00-09,30 Opening of the Conference

PANEL I: Multilingualism and EU Law

  • 09,30-10,00 Réka Somssich (Eötvös Loránd University): The impact of diverging language versions of EU legislation
  • 10,00-10,30 Petra-Lea Láncos (Pázmány Péter Catholic University): Language policy of the European Union
10,30-11,00 Coffee break

PANEL II: Multilingual Legal Education (I.)

  • 11,00-11,30 Fernand de Varennes (Université de Moncton) : Teaching law in minority languages : benefits and impacts for individuals and communities
  • 11,30-12,00 Elżbieta Kuzborska (University of Białystok): European practices in multilingual legal education
  • 12,00-12,30 Richard Gwyn Parry (Swansea University): Language rights in criminal proceedings: the role of legal education in effective implementation
13,00-14,00 Lunch

PANEL II: Multilingual Legal Education (II.)

  • 14,00-14,30 Xabier Arzoz (University of the Basque Country): Making a minority language a higher education language: the case of the Basque
  • 14,30-15,00 Elisabeth Alber (European Academy of Bolzano): Multilingual legal education in the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino
  • 15,00-15,30 Marcel Niggli (University of Fribourg): Language as a Cultural Frame of Reference
15,30-16,00 Coffee break

PANEL II: Multilingual Legal Education (III.)

  • 16,00-16,30 Seán Ó Conaill (University College Cork): Legal Education and Minority Languages - Dealing with the dominance of English
  • 16,30-17,00 Karine McLaren (Université de Moncton): The implications of legal bilingualism on the teaching and practise of law in Canada
  • 17,00-17,30 Emőd Veress (Sapientia University): Multilingual legal education at the Sapientia University - motivations and choices
17,30-18,00 Coffee break

PANEL III: Multilingual Legal Practice and Legal History

  • 18,00-18,30 Anna Klimaszewska (University of Gdansk): Influence of French legal language on the development of Polish legal language
  • 18,30-19,00 Tibor Várady (Central European University): The anchor language, or the hidden original language in international commercial arbitration
  • 19,00-19,30 Csongor-István Nagy (University of Szeged): Multilingualism and the internal market: language as a restraint of trade
20,00 Dinner

1st October 2016

Departure of Participants.


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