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11 years ago

Opening words

Opening words of the Current problems of European law conference (6-7 May 2011).

Dear guests! 

I greet you with the greatest joy at this Conference in this beautiful spring day.

On May 9, 1950, Robert Schuman put forward his proposal on the reorganization of Europe, which is the first direct step in the process of European integration and the creation of the European Union. Europe Day today is a symbol of the European Union. Our institution wants to hold an annual international scientific conference near the Europe Day to discuss the current and debatable issues of European law always in progress or transformation. European law has become part of our daily activities, we can not circumvent this law, no matter what field of law we are working as practitioners or academics.

In preparation for integration, the main question was the consistent harmonization of our legal order with the European law, sometimes as a form without substance. Currently appears as important influencing the content of this regulatory system by presenting our specific and our interests. Since European integration is not a straight path towards perfection, but a permanent experiment in a space of economic constraints and interests. Critical study of the European law is of paramount importance.Today and tomorrow we have the opportunity to enjoy the contributions of renowned experts.

Our University is hosting the specialization law  in the spirit of the secular traditions of higher legal education in Cluj, but also integrated into the Romanian and European educational space, providing a modern learning process. Regarding the tradition, I invite you to visit in the conference breaks our small exhibition on the history of legal education in Cluj. And in terms of modernity, please take as reference point the theme of our conference.

On behalf of Sapientia University, on behalf of the Department of Legal Sciences and the European Studies Department, thank you for your presence and we wish you a conference full of valuable ideas.

Dr. Emőd Veress, Head of Department


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